Savory Scallion Pancake

served in cast iron with 3 signature accompaniments | $12
Seasonal Pickles vg gf pearl onions, trumpet mushrooms
Hummus vg gf eggplant, black beans, sesame
BBQ Pork pulled pork shoulder with hoisin bbq


Kale & Green Papaya Salad vg gf sesame vinaigrette, crispy rice 8
Korean Fried Chicken crushed garlic peanuts, scallions 8
Crab Rangoon sf jonah crab, chili lime sauce 8
Lamb Buns spiced yogurt, cucumber, onion, mint 9
Peanut Noodle Salad sf poached shrimp, coconut milk, garlic peanuts 12
Spiced Edamame vg sweet soy, yuzu 5
Rib Tips maple bbq glaze, steamed bun 8
Duck & Pho Spring Roll rice noodle, cabbage, kimchi nuoc cham 8

Signature Dishes

Korean Short Ribs perilla chimichurri, crispy shallots, napa cabbage 26
Tea Smoked Duck Breast chinese buns, watercress, kimchi, chili bbq 22
Lemongrass Salmon stir-fried gai lan, chow fun noodles, chipotle-peanut pesto 20
Sake Roasted Chicken charred broccoli, black pepper belly soy 19
The Sauce Boss rib tips, bbq shrimp skewer, smoked chicken wings & togarashi fries 19

Grains & Noodles

Q Fried Rice sf shrimp, lemongrass chicken, scrambled egg 13
Vegetable Curry vg gf market vegetables, cilantro, coconut broth, three sisters farm white beans 14
Belly Mac thick japanese noodles, thai curry, cheddar 8

Seafood & Meats

Blackened Shrimp Curry gf sf eggplant, potato, cilantro 16
Roasted Pork Butt gf curry bbq, asian giardiniera 15
Grilled Skirt Steak chinese wrinkle beans, sesame vinaigrette 19
Baby Back Pork Ribs homemade hoisin bbq, bacon crumble 19


Coconut Grits gf white corn, asian giardiniera 6
Asian Coleslaw gf red cabbage, sesame, nuoc cham 5
Charred Brussels Sprouts thai butter, belly soy 7
Smashed Sweet Potatoes vg gf vanilla-maple 6
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