Savory Scallion Pancake

served in cast iron with 3 signature accompaniments | $12
Seasonal Pickles vg gf with pearl onions, trumpet mushrooms
Hummus vg gf with eggplant, black beans, sesame
BBQ Pork pulled pork shoulder with hoisin bbq


Not Your Traditional Hot & Sour Soup gf lemongrass chicken ssam & curried tortilla chips 8
Lamb Potsticker napa, cucumber, onion spiced yogurt & mama kim's dipping sauce 7
Crab Rangoon sf jonah crab, chili lime sauce 7
Kale Salad vg gf crispy chick peas, mighty vine tomatoes, mint, zesty asian dressing 8
Chilled Ramen Noodle Salad Tostada shrimp, tomatillo dressing 12
Korean Fried Chicken sauce, scallion, crushed peanut 8
Smoked Hamachi Dip gf red thai curry with rice chips & crackers 10

Nightly Features

Tuesday: Sizzling Ko-Rican Chicken smashed sweet potatoes & maple syrup 20
Wednesday: Hoisin Rosemary Glazed Pork Ribs with bacon crumble 19
Thursday: Ramen Of The Day ask server for details 13
Friday: Whole Fish with fried rice and nuoc cham MP


Spicy Lamb With Blanket Noodle garlic chives, red onion & celery 13
BQ "Alfredo" vg gf rice cakes with wrinkled beans, bok choy, mushrooms, & oregano 14
Tea Smoked Duck "Bolo" biang biang noodles, napa cabbage 16


Q Fried Rice lemongrass chicken ssam 13
Spicy Kimchi Fried Rice thai butter & arugula (vg/gf available) 10
Tofu & Pea Shoot Rice v tofu, fried jasmine rice 10

Signature Dishes

Korean Short Ribs perilla chimichurri, crispy shallots, napa cabbage 26
Lola's Pork Shoulder gf crispy plantains, ko-rican sauce & Q fungo 18
Lemongrass Salmon gf white corn grits, charred brussels sprouts, pesto giardiniera 20
Sizzling Thai Basil Beef long beans, carrots, bean sprouts & bbq spices 22


Pot De Creme 6
PB&J 5
Vietnamese Coffee & Donuts 7
Cookies & Cream 6
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